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Free hosting, the 5 best providers of this 2020

Free hosting, the 5 best providers of this 2020

Free hosting

The hosting provider is one of the fundamental pillars of a web project. It is advisable to buy a hosting, however, you may not have a budget and prefer to opt for free hosting.

Currently, free web hosting has power and modern technologies (PHP, MySQL and FTP) used by content managers (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop), so it is a more than interesting option.

If you want to hire a free hosting, this post will be great for you. We are going to give you 5 ad-free web hosting options to host your web pages.

Before we see which ones are the best, let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of free hosting.

Advantages of free hosting

Free hosting has important advantages that make it a very desirable option. These are its qualities:
  • Free: this is its main advantage. No matter what your budget is, you don't need to spend a penny on free hosting. 
  • Real environment: it is a server that works on the Internet. When you work locally, you may experience problems specific to the program you use (such as Xampp), however, you will not have those problems here.
  • Learning: being a real environment, the learning experience is much more reliable. It's like playing a car video game on a console or driving one. Is not the same.
  • Email: in addition to a space for your website, a hosting also gives you a place to host and manage your email.
  • Visibility: as it is online from the first minute, you can link it to your domain and make yourself known to your potential clients through SEO.

Disadvantages of free hosting

Free hostings have a series of limitations that you cannot ignore. It is important to know them and to know in what measures they can affect you. This will depend on the provider you choose.
  • Slow loading: the quality of the machines is not the best. They are usually low cost servers or in their last years of life.
  • Server crashes: being free, many people use it to perform demanding tests that can bring down the server where your website is hosted.
  • Improvable support: although some free hosting providers offer support, it is usually very basic and it is possible that your problem will not be solved or you will have to do it on your own.
  • Low quality IP: the misuse of its servers by some users damages the reputation of the IP, which has a negative impact on both the web positioning (SEO) and the deliverability of the emails, which will be marked as spam.
  • Without backups: it is not profitable for them to make backup copies, since they consume resources and you have to be aware of their correct operation. You have no choice but to do them manually or pray that there is no problem on the server.
  • Minimum security: attacks by cybercriminals that create bots (robots) that detect vulnerabilities and attack them are frequent, both on the web and on the server where it is hosted.
  • Lack of guarantees: the owner can close it at any time if he becomes bored or changes his strategy, since he does not have clients who make the investment profitable.
It is understandable that they have limitations, since they are private company hosting plans that need to make a profit to survive. They cover their free plans so that when you need more you can hire a paid one.

The disadvantages outnumber the advantages , however, if you choose a better than average free hosting, you can avoid much of them.

We already anticipate that there is one that has left us totally surprised.


Keys to choose a free hosting

The keys to choosing a good hosting are the same as for other types of hosting. Obviously, our demands will be lower because it is a service that does not cost us money, something that we have to take into account when opting for free servers.

We will have to focus on the most basic: that it has good opinions, that it offers enough space and monthly transfer and that it is easy to manage.

In addition, we will make sure that it uses the PHP language and the MySQL (or MariaDB) databases to be able to make dynamic pages, as well as that it offers the possibility of connecting to the server through FTP , since file managers of this type hosting often fail quite a bit.

If it also includes email service , even better. Although, as we have already seen, they are not usually the best option for this task. Also interesting is the possibility of being able to obtain a free domain instead of a subdomain.

There are many free hosting. Some work well, others regulate to bad and others have so little storage space that they are not suitable for a dynamic web in addition to having insufficient bandwidth.

The 5 best free hostings

After researching, signing up for many and trying non-stop, we have prepared a list of the 5 best free hostings, based on their characteristics and the ones that have given us the best results.

Free Web Hosting Free Hosting

Free hosting Lucushost

It is the free hosting that we liked the most. This young Spanish company integrates the highest quality standards in terms of performance and software.

It offers 1 GB of storage space, 5 GB of monthly transfer and 24-hour technical support. In addition to PHP technology (you can choose the version), MySQL, FTP, Spanish IP and Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

The issue of 24/7 support is very striking . It's quite a statement of intent on the part of the company, which offers both ad-free free hosting and paid hosting at very competitive prices.

Before they gave you a subdomain of the type Now, to use it, you need to register (or transfer) a domain during the activation process of the free hosting plan.

As for the software, it incorporates personalized WHMCS for the management of the account, the support and the contracted services and cPanel for the administration of the hosting itself. Impeccable.
The daily backups complete which is undoubtedly the best free hosting.

Free Web Hosting 000 WebHost

Free hosting 000webhost

A company with a long history, great tradition and popularity. It is owned by the same company as Hostinger , which has recently stopped offering free hosting. It has a revamped interface and is now also in Spanish.

Their traditional drives (you can get an SSD drive in the paid version) have 1GB of storage capacity or disk space. The monthly transfer is 10 GB. The control panel is cPanel, although on top it runs a custom control panel.

It allows the free hosting of 2 web pages and the use of 5 email accounts and 2 databases of 1 GB each. You can choose a subdomain or you can use your own domain , either purchased, parked or pointed.
An FTP user and the application installer (WordPress, Prestashop, Moodle, etc.) complete the offer, which is on the verge of being suitable as it does not have a backup system.

Free Web Hosting X10Hosting

Free Web Hosting x10hosting

This interesting provider advertises itself as unlimited free hosting. The United States company is another of the most recognized worldwide and has more than 12 million web pages hosted on its servers.

By default, it comes with its own panel that can be changed to cPanel x3 by clicking on “Switch theme”. When selected, the system restarts and we have to log in again.

Now it shows us an old version. To find an updated panel of this software, we must click on the selector inside cPanel (not the one on the top bar) and select "x10x3".

In the statistics we observe that unlimited has little. It is a free web hosting with 500 MB of space, 2 MariaDB databases of also half GB and 3 email accounts.

Highlights 1 GB of RAM and unlimited web transfer. 3 FTP accounts, the backup system and the application installer complete the pack.

Free Web Hosting AwardSpace

Free web hosting awardspace

It belongs to the German company AttractSoft, which has numerous free and paid hosting services. Its website reflects modernity while its control panel is outdated.

They have recently translated the interface into Spanish and other languages. It stands out for having support, although they do not leave their skin in serving users of a free plan. You can use your own domain and add up to 3 subdomains.

Its features are 1 GB of SSD space, 5 GB of transfer and a MySQL database, PHP version selector and an email account.

It has a 15 MB file size limit , which is always a hassle for migrations, since plugins like Duplicator tend to create much heavier copies.

Free Web Hosting Free Hosting

Free web hosting

We close the list with this Czech provider with an old-fashioned website. Don't be trusted by appearances because, like LucusHost, it incorporates the WHMCS and cPanel combo , a guarantee of success.

While it is true that the software is wonderful, the hardware is not. The problem is that their free plan is very overloaded. The 10GB of space and unlimited transfer are a mere mirage.

This accommodation only allows you to host a website, an email and a database. You cannot create subdomains, nor park domains, nor does it have SSL. In addition, it does not have the PHP send_mail function that is responsible for making the contact form of a web page work.

A pity that such a powerful hosting is unusable for many projects due to small but important limitations , such as the absence of an SSL certificate and the send_mail function. It is clear that the company wants to promote the contracting of its premium plan.

These limitations, coupled with its large footprint and transfer, make it ideal for testing. For example, it could be tested as a cloud storage system, with a CMS like OwnCloud.

There are other well-known options that have been left out for various reasons.
As we have already said, the Spanish company Hostinger no longer offers free web hosting, but instead redirects its users to its subsidiary 000WebHost.

Traditional providers like CDMon or DinaHosting offer free alternatives so extremely limited that they are only valid for static HTML pages , since they do not even include a database to run PHP.
Finally, there are companies that offer a free hiring period and then charge you. In this category would be Hostalia (3 to 6 months free depending on the plan) and Cowabi (1 year of free hosting).

Quality free web hosting

In a free hosting it is important that the provider offers you a minimum storage space , a good monthly transfer and, above all, that it has a good performance .

In the monthly transfer, X10Hosting stands out , which is unlimited. The rest have enough quantity for small projects.

Very important factors for a digital project are uptime and support. The first is how long the web is working. Imagine that a potential client visits your website and it doesn't work. What impression would it take?

Support is practically non-existent in most companies, however, we must require that they have a series of documentation and tutorials so that we ourselves can solve our doubts.

LucusHost and AwardSpace have 24-hour support, one in Spanish and the other in English. A real luxury in the free hosting sector.

The ease of managing the interface of each provider is also key . Here LucusHost and FreeHosting stand out .

The 5 recommended providers are among the most reliable and offer enough features for small projects. All of them have paid versions, although in some cases you won't even need them.

It should be noted that with Lucus Host, 000WebHosting and AwardSpace you can have free hosting with your own domain, vital if you are going to set up a digital business.

For outstanding it is to have SSL security certificate. And here LucusHost is the clear winner, since it is the only one that incorporates it. While it is true that to enjoy this hosting it is necessary to hire a domain, it is also true that this hosting does not have any additional charge.

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